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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than a sport or martial art, it is a philosophy and way of life. We feel every child has it within them to be a leader and that jiu-jitsu provides them with the confidence and tools to bring out their individual potential.


NexJen BJJ is NOT a 'belt mill." We do not promote our students for simply participating. We train martial artists, teach character, personal responsibility and develop strong, respectful young women and men. 


In that respect, it is important to understand that jiu-jitsu is not a seasonal sport or a time filler. At NexJen BJJ we look for commitment and dedication and we strive to be a place kids are excited to come to every time they walk in the doors!


We treat all students with respect regardless of ability, age, gender or rank. Our students are expected to follow NexJen BJJ Kids Student Code of Conduct both in the gym and out.



The kids program was developed for all children to age 18*. All skill levels, from beginner to advanced and all ages train together.


Your child is welcome to come and try two free classes to see if our program is right for them, before we complete the enrollment process and orientation. A signed general waiver form (link below) is required and the student should wear comfortable athletic clothing (no buttons or zippers).

Parents are always invited and encouraged to stay and observe.

*Consideration for enrollment will be given to students under the age of 9 with instructor evaluation and approval. Minimum age considered is 6.


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